pssst. i’m gay. deal with it.

the church these days seems to be getting less loving, less god-like, and more brutal in their preaching ways.  it’s bullying, plain and simple.  it’s hate.  it’s intolerance.  and it is not god’s way.  there have been many recent sermons that have gone viral due to their hateful message regarding the LGBT community.  i blogged about one a couple of weeks ago…a preacher who said us “gays” should be put on our own island, surrounded by an electric fence…where eventually we would all die off.  really?

it’s 2012, and i am shocked at the ignorance and fear that much of our world still lives in.  the fact that there is such brutal bullying that goes on today just breaks my heart.  our purpose on this planet is to live a spiritual and compassionate life.  to learn and grow through love and compassion for all living things.  and god made us different for a reason, in my opinion.  diversity makes the world go round. and to love all things living….. different from you….or the same….. is to really live.  it’s called unconditional.  you heard of it?  i don’t expect anyone to be perfect at this, as we are human.  but i do expect people to practice love, not hate.

to all you fearful anti-gay, bullying individuals out there:

why are you so afraid of me?  why are you so interested in my business and my choice of love and lifestyle?  why do you care who i say “i do” too?  or who i retire with at night?  i am not hurting anyone.  i am not affecting your life and your choices.  i have the right to live just as you, so stop trying to take my freedom away from me.  you do not have permission to take it.  it does not belong to you.  you do not have permission to hurt me.  to wound me with your words.  you do not have permission to tell me how to live.  what do eat.  where to work.  how to drive.  what to wear.  and you most certainly don’t have permission to tell me who to love.  and who not to love.  

does this make you feel better?  bullying with your words and labels.  making another fellow human being feel less than and not worthy of this amazing adventure we are all handed…life?

do you have any idea what effect you have on the children, teens, and adults that you bully and harass? the pain that is burned into their being by your phobic daggers?  the lives you halt by your insensitive, unloving, and certainly un-godly “defenses” against humankind.  yes, humankind.  the collective human race.

you defend (thru hate and bullying) heterosexuality as if same-sex marriage or same-sex love is, or will be, forced onto you personally.  stay in your hetero relationship.  i don’t care.  i think it’s fabulous if that’s the kind of love you choose.  after all, it’s about love, not gender.

do you have a child?  a niece or nephew?  godson or god-daughter?  imagine them being bullied at school for whatever reason..being overwieght, unattractive, too smart, etc.

it looks/feels something like this:

would you tolerate it?  would you just let your child, or your niece/nephew,  live with that abuse daily without trying to put a stop to it?  would you consider this kind of bullying from other kids acceptable?  would you encourage it?  i don’t think so. it’s intolerable.

so perhaps think real hard next time you decide to scream anti-gay, hateful words towards another person.  think about it while you are sitting in church on sunday, praising god with your anti-gay preacher suggesting us gays all be put to death.  or when it comes time to vote for giving the rest of the human race the opportunity to marry in love.  just think about it.

it could be your own kid that you are acting out against.

god didn’t grant us life so we can destroy it by defaming our fellows….especially by way of outward brutality.  this separation of people is against the rules.  play nice, or don’t play at all.  we all have the right to be here!

and that is my opinion.



6 comments on “pssst. i’m gay. deal with it.

  1. Janet says:

    Thank you for taking a stand on the subject.

  2. bren says:

    Thanks gain for a heartfelt and insightful blog and for allowing me some input too. I am going to try to get right to my point and assume you know I love you and all my gay friends and would never want to take away any of your civil rights (Im a Ron Paul supporter, not Romney) The vast majority of Christians I know that argue against homosexuality do it because of their reasonable interpretation of the BIble. This is their holy scripture and they believe it. Most Christians believe that Jesus died for all of our sins and all we have to do is accept him and we are saved. So, even if they believe being gay is a sin, having Jesus is the most important part. But, there are some that believe gays are going to hell because they believe they are actively rejecting Jesus. I would never judge anyone’s heart but the point I am trying to get to is, in their mind, they are trying desperately to save gays. Ironically, it comes from complete love and fear for people’s eternity. The Bible also pretty much commands them to tell people the “good news” about the Bible so if they shut their mouths, they believe they are disobeying God. My pastor has a gay brother and there is no doubt the love between them was huge. I know he struggled with this issue for years, but in the end he couldn’t change what the scripture said and I believe he ended up not supporting gay clergy in our church. This must have been heartbreaking for him, but he had to trust how he perceived God and his word. Tolerance must include freedom of thought. People who don’t support homosexuality aren’t all haters and the blanket label that has been put on them is ironically hateful. That being said, that first sign you showed is really f-ed up and there are definitely haters in the Christian movement….westboro is the cheif offender.

    • brenda, i always appreciate your insight and view. thank you for your post. i do understand what you are saying, and it has made me look at things in a little different light. however, i still disagree with the way the ministry (or some of them) voice their feelings about the LGBT community. the words used are harsh. basically wanting to rid the world of us. saying we will go to hell. there was even a video that went viral recently of a little boy, maybe 4 or 5, singing in church about gays going to hell. its inappropriate and hateful. it’s one thing to have a belief, it’s another to spread your belief with hateful words. that is my opinion….xoxoxox

  3. Riversurfer says:

    You are so right, “our purpose on this planet is to live a spiritual and compassionate life.” And that we’re supposed to practice love, not hate. That tells much about some people who practice hate, as some churches do. How they can preach god’s word in the same breath with hatred, is beyond me.

    Thank you for this so very insightful post, take care Donna!

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