27 Random Things That BUG Me.

In no particular order…

1.  the sound of a traditional alarm clock.

2.  people who talk loud at the gym.  especially if they are trying to talk to me.

3.  having to take the trash out.

4.  pulling the little cap off a fresh carton of soy milk.  The plastic cap part that is left over bugs me.

5.  waking up to coffee with no soy milk. (always a dangerous moment in time)

6.  the packaging design for nicorette gum.  it’s so hard to open one piece of gum. it’s torture for a person trying to quit smoking!

7.  People that smack their food…chewing loudly.

8.  having to take the recycling out.

9.  hair that gathers in the shower drain.

10.  really hot food or drink.

11.  loud bass booming cars driving the streets.

12.  slow drivers.

13.  potholes.

14.  speed bumps.

15.  people who talk just for the sake of talking.  in other words, people who talk too much.

16.  wire hangers.  I hate wire hangers.

17.  the sound of styrofoam rubbing against another object.

18.  people who walk slow.

19.  receipts.

20.  pennies.

21.  women who comes to the gym dressed for the night club.

22.  grunters at the gym.

23.  people who smack their gum!!!

24. running out of quarters for my laundry.

25.  not getting text messages returned in a timely manner.

26.  having to replace the toilet paper.

27.  needing to stop for gas.


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