my long distance heart

long distance relationships.  i’ve not experienced one until now.  and it is a challenge of the heart.

in a nutshell…..

i live in los angeles.  she lives in new york.  3 hour time difference and approximately  2,813 miles away from each other.  our relationship began in los angeles, where i met her.  she was here for business.  we met through mutual friends at a group dinner.  our first interaction was an argument about squirrels.  what better way to start off a relationship then with your first fight?  gets the awkwardness of fight #1 out of the way right from the gate!

after several weeks in los angeles she had to head back to new york.  and so the long distance began.  i soon found myself on a flight back east. i spent part of the christmas holiday there and returned home after new years.

i now spend one week per month working from new york so that our relationship can survive.  and grow.  and so that there is a date to look forward to…that being the day we get to be together again.  imagine never knowing when you will see your partner again?  that is just too difficult.  so my having the ability to work from the east coast once a month is a gift. and every so often she travels to  los angeles for work.  and that is always a great surprise.

once a month we come together.  things are great.  fun.  domestic.  happy.   it’s an unexpected compatibility.  smiles.  but then comes the day when i have to get on a plane and come back to los angeles.   that is when a slight feeling of separation anxiety sets in.  i do miss her when i leave.

long distance relationships.  they are a challenge on the heart.

here is the big question:   is the challenge  worth it?

here are a few query’s to help find that answer…..does the relationship feel right?  feel strong enough?  does he/she positively impact your life?  does it feel like more then just another “relationship?”   do you miss him/her when you are apart.  think about them often?  Is there some sort of love growing, by your definition?

you get the idea.

long distant relationships.  they are a challenge on the heart & emotions.  but for me, today, that challenge is well worth it.