don’t take yourself too damn seriously. no one cares.

key fact #7

7.  i don’t take myself too damn seriously.

how serious do you take yourself?  be honest.  humans are egotistical.  we are ego-driven.  and ego-protective.  generally, humans are raised observing people reacting to life based on how it will affect THEM.  thus we begin absorbing egotistical practices at a very young age.  and we grow into adulthood with the notion that everybody is looking at us, thinking about us, or talking about us.  the world is out to get us.  and so are you, my so-called friend.   our ego’s inflate.  and inflate. and inflate.

ego is not all evil.  it’s good to have an ego.  it’s needed for protection.  a sense of safety.  im not so sure we can survive without it.  however, with an out of control ego, the world can become very small. and very one-sided.

what happens if i begin to take myself too seriously?

i can’t speak for you, so im going to just speak for myself here.  if i become too serious, i stop taking chances.  my sense of humor gets lost.  and laughter becomes rare.  i get competitive, which in my opinion, is not desirable. i fall back into that place where i lose myself and my authenticity because im too busy adjusting who i am to meet your needs and what i think you want me to be.  and, above all, i lose my true connection with people.  my world becomes fear based, and when i live in fear, i cannot succeed.  nor live happily.  freely.  or authentically.  all this from taking myself too seriously.  get it?

“I thought the problem for me was you. Then I realized the problem for me was me. The next thing I knew I was free.”

when the focus on life becomes all about me, and when my ego takes over, im in trouble.  im unhappy.  im driving on the ego centered super highway.   therefore, i try to stay in the laughter , and humor, and not constantly look in the mirror for something that is not there.  rather, accept what is, and move on with a smile.

this is not to say that there aren’t things in the world that need my serious face and attention.  obviously i take my job seriously.  i take the tragedies in our world seriously, etc.  its ME that i try not to take SO seriously.

we live in a world with a lot of heartache and we bear witness to so much pain and suffering, that to live life in all seriousness would be too much.  to constantly worry about me me me…and what you think of me me me….and how your choices in life will affect me me me… exhausting and not at all fun.  i’d rather be of service to you and the universe, then to focus so much attention on myself.

and that my friends is what i mean by not taking myself too seriously.


i’ll be in the background, if you’re looking for me.

key fact #5 about who donna is.

5.  i am an observer.

my favorite pastime is people watching.  places like venice beach, ca are uniquely fabulous for this kind of “hobby.”  i’ll ride my bike down to the beach.  find a place to park myself.  out of the crowd.  in the background of it all.   a place where i can sit back and watch the show.  often times i’ll take my camera with me and get some great voyeuristic photographs of people.  meaning, they are unaware of the camera, thus not acting.  not posing.  just going about their emotional, or unemotional life.  and im simply observing it from a distance.  stopping time now and again with the snap of my camera.  an observer of life.  that’s me.

i like to blend in most of the time.  be a quiet onlooker in life.  listen to your words.  watch your body movements.  pay attention to your facial expressions, or lack there of.  analyze you.  your behavior.  your sounds.  your likes and dislikes.  i do have my masters degree in psychology.  perhaps that is why i love to observe and analyze you.  it’s harmless.  it’s educational.  it’s intriguing. it’s my favorite pastime.

not only do i like to people watch, but i also like to observe the world around me.  buildings that tell stories with their cracks and aged paint or bricks.  graffiti art that means something to someone.  the way the light creeps in between buildings.  the shadows created.  the wind blowing the earth, things people left behind., etc.  there is so much to see and it is impossible to take it all in.  therefore, there is always something new to see.  even if you are walking a road you’ve walked a thousand times.  if you look hard enough, you will find something you have never seen before.  or, you will look at something familiar and see it in a completely different light. it’s a beautiful thing.

as examples, here are a few photographs i took while observing life.

the world is a beautiful place.  what may appear ugly to some, can be beautiful and eye-catching to me.

key fact #4 about donna…i think a lot and speak a little….also suits my observer personality type.  they go hand in hand.

hello my name is donna, and i am an observer.

thanks for stopping by and come again tomorrow to learn about key fact #6.  i am an introvert.